Star Trek: DS9/NEM Formal Uniform Analysis/Tutorial

Welcome to the Bad Wolf Costumes analysis of the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine to Nemesis-era formal uniform and its corresponding sewing tutorial!

We primarily researched and analyzed the DS9/NEM formal uniform for our sewing pattern, which is available for purchase from our Etsy shop, web site, and eBay store (see right), but we're happy to share our research and findings with you here, as well as the free sewing tutorial intended to accompany our pattern.

A free downloadable PDF version of this analysis/tutorial is available here on the Bad Wolf Costumes web site for your convenience.

Lastly, we'd like to extend a special thank-you to Michael Cowart for his consultation and inspiration, the Starfleet 1701st for being a wealth of information and its board members for contributing, and TrekCore for its enormous library of HD screencaps.

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